Brooklyn outfit, Chalk and Numbers, play modern pop music inspired by classic styles. The duo, consisting of Sable Yong (vocals) and Andrew Pierce (multi-instrumentalist/songwriter) combine their artistic abilities to craft pop songs influenced but not entrenched in 60’s musical canon. In the pursuit of creating great pop songs, Chalk and Numbers has used influences both old and new and has emerged timeless. 

Chalk And Numbers has been covered by outlets such as MTV, Rolling Stone, Filter, Guardian's New Band Of The Day, etc. They have shared the stage with bands such as Tennis, Slow Club, La Luz and St Paul & The Broken Bones. Their music has been featured on several TV shows (Nashville, Awkward, Inbetweeners) and was featured on the soundtrack to the 2012 film "For A Good Time, Call..." They have released two EP’s and are featured on a compilation of Indie bands covering Fraggle Rock songs released by the Jim Henson Company. 

What They're Saying:


"Pretty much perfection"  -MTV 

"Pulls from a wide array of influences to create their unique sound both modern and timeless simultaneously" -Filter